Covered CA Website Causes Suffering During Open Enrollment

Covered CaliforniaCovered CA website causes suffering during open enrollment this week after being fortified for high utilization.  An interview with a San Jose-based Certified Agent provided the following observation:

Today, I assisted at least 4 different clients on their renewal process and/or to start a new application.  The website directed all of the clients into Medi-Cal, even if their income was well above 140% FPL

Calling Covered California directly is not an option, due to five-hour wait times.  Cases such as these require special handling, which is a free benefit of Certified Agents.  For example:

I had a family of three come in with a total annual household income of $49,666.73 and they were placed on Medi-Cal.

Certified Agents can provide local assistance with such glitches, and often times are willing to meet you in person. Read our related article about avoiding Open Enrollment mistakes.  Open Enrollment is here, changes are coming, and websites are frustrating.  If you did not use a Certified Agent last year, now is a good time to find one…they are a free service of Covered California and are here to help.

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Obamacare: Not Easy! ………… Cake Pop, Anyone?