Avoid This Mistake During Open Enrollment Before December 15th

California insurance consumers should avoid this mistake during open enrollment before December 15th, in the event their doctor has been dropped by their health plan (see related story about the thousands of California HealthNet plan members who are forced to take action by December 15th).

For everybody else, there are also lot’s of doctors, coming and going from these networks…some accept group plans and others accept individual plans, but the names are confusing for them, too.  We strongly advise you to hook up with a local Certified Agent (it’s a free service from Coverage California) and make sure you don’t make a big mistake for all of 2015.

Remember, Open Enrollment began November 15th:  Changes are coming to certain PPO & HMO networks.  Read a related article about CoveredCA here.  If you did not use a Certified Agent last year, now is a good time to find one…they are a free service of Coverage California and are here to help.

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