Important Obamacare Tax Return Form 1095-A

By January 31, some Californians will receive an important Obamacare Tax Return Form (1095-A), who enrolled in individual plan health coverage through Covered California. You will need this important statement (Form 1095-A) in order to complete your taxes.

The notice advises Consumers to contact Covered California right away if they think there is a mistake on the Form 1095-A, at 1800.300.1506.  If you want to see what the notice looks like and get a little more detail on this tax form, view it here at Coverage California:  website link.  If you are frustrated and don’t have time for this, consider the suggestion below.

Special note:  If you are a Kaiser Member, see additional information here.

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2 thoughts on “Important Obamacare Tax Return Form 1095-A

  1. Brian Gleason

    what do I do concerning my 1095A being wrong? We were enrolled from February 2014 to December 2012. Our 1090A shows only payments from February to June. We switched from Anthem Blue Cross to Health Net in July.
    Your paper listed three different reasons for having a second 1095A coming in the mail. Switching Insurance is not one of them.
    I sat on the phone for over an hour listening to music and never had a live person answer.

    What do I do? I don’t want the IRS to burn me for Cover California’s mistakes.

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