3 Actions To Keep Affordable Health Coverage While Looking For A New Job

Time is of the essence to find or keep affordable health coverage while looking for a new job, and you must take action fast. In this three-part series, here are 3 important steps to find or keep affordable health coverage under the Affordable Care Act:

  1. If all else fails, use CAL-COBRA or Federal COBRA as a backstop, although it may not be the lowest price option: Warning, there is a maximum 60 Day Time Limit To Respond or you could lose your COBRA rights and eligibility;

Failure to enroll within the special 60-day period will not only incur a possible IRS tax penalty, but will consequently lock you out of the U.S. health insurance market until the following open enrollment period i.e. January 1st!  (This is a lessor known problem with the Affordable Care Act).  Read more about Special Events here or request assistance.

If you cannot afford the high cost of COBRA premiums, and really want the most affordable health coverage, then CoveredCA, the Covered California health exchange market may work better for you. Read about the pro’s and con’s of CoveredCA in Part II of this series, or proceed to Part III, “Private Insurance” options.



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