3 Actions To Keep Affordable Health Coverage- CoveredCA

While Federal or Cal-COBRA is the conservative choice (as discussed in Part I of this article), the negative aspects are “higher costs.”  This is true because Federal COBRA administrators add 2% to the premium and Cal-COBRA administrators add 10%. If finding a low cost health plan is your priority, your 2nd action to keep affordable health coverage- CoveredCA should be requesting information from Covered California [Small Employers should read about huge penalties beginning August 2015]

  • Covered California provides access to most private health plans e.g. Kaiser Permanante, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, HealthNet EPO and PPO plans and some regional providers as well (although availability varies among each of California’s counties- check here for assistance): extra caution is advised, because you must complete and submit your application prior to the desired 1st of the month coverage start date to avoid a gap in coverage, and the 60 Day Limit also applies.

Warning:  failure to enroll within the special event 60-day period will not only incur a possible IRS tax penalty, but will consequently lock you out of the U.S. health insurance market until the following open enrollment period i.e. January 1st!  (This is a lessor known problem with the Affordable Care Act).

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Yet there are other reasons to skip CoveredCA and go directly to a private carrier.  Read more about the 3rd of 3 Actions to keep affordable health coverage while looking for a job in Part III of this article.

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