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Mandatory Doctor Assignment Has Arrived In California

Obamacare’s Covered California says they know what’s best for you, and mandatory doctor assignment is the best medicine, according to the experts in Sacramento. How did a quasi-government agency get the authority to practice paternalism in the golden state?  Using their authority to negotiate insurance carrier contracts, Covered California modified the contracts with Mandatory Doctor Assignmentparticipating insurance companies, such as Anthem Blue Cross, requiring participating insurance companies to begin mandatory doctor assignment on individual plans in 2017. While really not applicable to HMO plans, the mandate targets PPO and EPO plans, in particular.

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Yet, Anthem Blue Cross made a recent decision to go beyond the Covered California mandate, and apply Mandatory Doctor Assignment to off-exchange (all California individual and family plans), as well.

The Impact of Mandatory Doctor Assignment

We expect the impact on Anthem policyholders to be minimal, of course, because aside from a few grandfathered policies, Anthem Blue Cross does not have many PPO plans left in California, as reported in a recent article, Anthem PPO Plans Discontinued.

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Sutter Health Blue Shield Breaking News

Many hearts sank when Sutter Health Blue Shield negotiations failed to produce an agreement on New Years Day. However Sutter Health announced good news this evening (see excerpt below):

 “I am pleased to announce that Sutter Health has come to an agreement with Blue Shield of California on a three-year renewal of our provider contract. We now have all of our health plan agreements in place for 2017.”

 In the rush to publish the good news, they missed a date typo (Jan 4, 2016). Late shoppers appreciate the news anyway.

“For information about products and the networks in which Sutter providers currently participate, please check: ”