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Zenefits Transfers 7000 Insurance Accounts

What will happen to Zenefits’ 7000 employers now that the San Francisco firm has announced it will exit the insurance “broker of record” business?

“By partnering with OneDigital, Zenefits is essentially getting out of the broker business, a move that will allow the company to focus solely on making software.” [San Francisco Chronicle, September 21, 2017]

Zenefits: From San Francisco to Atlanta, Georgia

As reported in this recent San Francisco Chronicle story, Zenefits has arranged with Atlanta-based firm, One Digital, to take-over servicing the 7000 insurance accounts.  Atlanta, Georgia? This may be the perfect time to say “no” to Atlanta and transfer your account to a Local Broker.

“With less than two months from open enrollment season, the Zenefits decision provides California Employers a timely opportunity to transfer to a local, California Broker: We are already receiving phone calls.”  [Marc Derendinger, Insurance Broker #0644617]

How To Keep Your Insurance In California

If you have Kaiser Permanente, check with for a Local Broker.  For employers who offer dual choice benefits or plans from Anthem, United HealthCare or Blue Shield, contact this 50-year California-based benefits brokerage, the San Francisco bay area.

Zenefits exits Broker Business

 Telephone (408) 252-7300 to discuss your options with a local broker, license 0644617

Blue Shield PPO replaces Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield PPO replaces Anthem Blue Cross on January 1, 2018, as the only major medical PPO plan in Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties, according to statements released by Anthem and Covered California.

Which Counties will Anthem keep?

(Anthem will not offer individual policies in Santa Cruz County. Refer to related story…)

Even Kaiser Permanente is jumping on the chance to add new subscribers in selected zip codes of Santa Cruz county [see related Kaiser Story].

Blue Shield replaces Anthem Blue Cross- Kaiser is an option

Blue Shield PPO replaces Anthem Blue Cross?

“Our readers would ask why is the Blue Shield PPO the best option to replace Anthem?”

According to Covered California’s August 2017 published report, “Covered California’s Health Insurance Companies and Plan Rates for 2018,” Anthem held 39% of its 29,050 individual health policies in Region 9 (Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties):

Blue Shield PPO replaces Anthem Blue Cross

  • 39% Anthem
  • 34% Blue Shield PPO
  • 8% Blue Shield HMO
  • 2% HealthNet EPO
  • 17% Kaiser Permanente HMO

Effective January 1, 2018, Blue Shield appears to be the only individual PPO plan available through Covered California.  In fairness to HealthNet, they offer an EPO plan.  Request a FREE Free Rate quote between Blue Shield and HealthNet.


Is Blue Shield PPO Really Your Best Option

The 2018 rates are not released yet, but Blue Shield has filed two sets of rates for the upcoming open enrollment, depending on whether or not CSR funding is approved in Washington.

Sample 30 year-old 2018 Premium for Blue Shield’s Silver 70 PPO:
Without CSR Subsidy Funding                    Including CSR Subsidy Funding

$609.49 monthly (2018)                            $562.63 monthly (2018)

To compare the current (2017) year premiums in your county, use this free quote engine.




Anthem Individual Health Insurance Changes Again

More Disruption Ahead For Anthem Individual Health Insurance Policyholders, As Anthem drops Covered California In Most Counties

Why is Anthem withdrawing from the exchanges in California?

Which Counties will Anthem keep?

(In Anthem’s own words…)

“While Anthem is reducing its 2018 Individual plan offerings in California, it is not withdrawing from the exchanges. We are pleased to be participating in three key areas”

“On-exchange and off-exchange EPO plans at all metal levels will be offered in three regions of Northern California…”

We give credit to for covering this story:  Read the full article