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3 Actions To Keep Affordable Health Coverage- Private Insurance

The previous articles covered Part I and Part II, and this final segment describes the 3rd of 3 Actions To Keep Affordable Health Coverage- Private Insurance. [Small Employers should read about huge penalties beginning August 2015]

  • Going directly to the insurance carrier (Kaiser Permanente, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, HealthNet and others) is easier than going through Covered California and the prices are virtually identical under California law.
  • In our opinion, the only reason one would choose the Covered California exchange (Part II of story) over your 3rd option (private insurance) is the likelihood of receiving a subsidy or Advance Premium Tax Credt. Otherwise, CoveredCA is not worth the hassle, due to the burden of providing tax forms, proof of California residency, employment information etc.
  • Deadlines: Regardless of your choice among the 3 Actions To Keep Affordable Health Coverage, the 60 day limit applies.

    Time is of the essence to find or keep affordable health coverage while looking for a new job, and you must take action fast. Read more about Special Events here or request assistance.  

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In conclusion of this 3-part article, the easiest part of this process is choosing a plan, and the hardest is getting the triggering loss of coverage form to the carrier (the specific document and method vary by health plan). Don’t risk losing your effective date, use a competent broker who is licensed and certified to help you compare your options under all 3 alternatives above, and will help you submit a properly completed application to the health plan of your choice!

Certified Insurance Agents are a free service to consumers under the ACA and California law. However, the best certified agents will also help you compare your private insurance (PPO, HMO) options vs. your CoveredCA options.  Find a local office of one of these broker-agents, in order to keep affordable health coverage while looking for a job.

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