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Anthem Individual Health Insurance Changes Again

More Disruption Ahead For Anthem Individual Health Insurance Policyholders, As Anthem drops Covered California In Most Counties

Why is Anthem withdrawing from the exchanges in California?

Which Counties will Anthem keep?

(In Anthem’s own words…)

“While Anthem is reducing its 2018 Individual plan offerings in California, it is not withdrawing from the exchanges. We are pleased to be participating in three key areas”

“On-exchange and off-exchange EPO plans at all metal levels will be offered in three regions of Northern California…”

We give credit to DerendingerIns.com for covering this story:  Read the full article

Stanford Children’s Health Drops Individual Health Plans

Stanford Children’s Health (SCH) has stopped accepting most individual health plans, according to letters shipped to patients in early December.

Stanford Children's Health Drops Individual Health Plans

Stanford Children’s Health Ships Patient Letters

“If you are receiving this letter we have identified that…you or your child have an upcoming appointment and SCH is NOT an in-network provider with your insurance.” (view entire letter)

What health plans will take SCH?  Unless you are covered on a group plan, individuals and families should consider HealthNet plans [Quote and Apply Here].




HealthNet PPO  may be purchased via Health Net or through a licensed insurance agent [Read more from the Stanford Medicine FAQ here]

Stanford Medicine has published an FAQ on the Stanford Children’s Health news story, which can be found at the link below:


Updates will be posted to  http://www.healthinsurance.stanfordchildrens.org as they occur


As you will read from the resources listed above, HealthNet is one of the few insurance options for individuals and families.




[Quote and Apply Here].