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Obamacare Rate Guide

Obamacare Rates and Subsidies (Tax Credits)

27 Year Old Obamacare Rates For Santa Clara County (California)

AGE 27 *                                        CoveredCA-ComparisonChart
2014 Metal Tiers

Least Expensive Insurer

Most Expensive Insurer

Bronze 60

$208/ month

$250/ month

Enhanced Silver 70

$279/ month

$317/ month

Gold 80

$330/ month

$386/ month

Platinum 90

$371/ month

$451/ month

Participating Insurers

Anthem, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Kaiser, Valley Health Plan

*Data estimated with Covered California Rate Calculator- September 2013

Do you want to see specific rates for you and your family? Once of the unique features of the Covered California Obamacare rate structure is each person in your family is allowed to choose a separate plan.  For assistance with calculating rates for members of your family, we suggest you use a local Certified Insurance Agent to save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Obamacare Rate Subsidies (Premium Assistance)

According to Covered California, individuals earning under $46,000 have a chance to receive premium assistance, based on family income, as estimated in the following chart.

AGE 27 *                              CoveredCA-ComparisonChart
2014 Metal Tiers

Monthly Premium Assistance

Premium Assistance Can Be Applied To Any Public Exchange Plan, But Not The Private Market

$10/ hour 40 hrs./wk.

$188/ month

Covers about 90% of lowest cost Bronze Plan.
$12/ hour 40 hrs./wk.

$138/ month

Covers about 50% of lowest cost Silver Plan
$14/ hour 40 hrs./wk.

$84/ month

$16/ hour 40 hrs./wk.

$27/ month

Participating Insurers

Premium Assistance can be applied to all health plans in the California public exchanges, but does not apply to plans in the private marketplace

*Data estimated with Covered California Rate Calculator- September 2013

Who pays for premium assistance?  Federal dollars pay for the first two years.  By 2016, California exchanges must be self-sufficient.  California may charge fees to insurance companies to make exchanges self-sufficient.  Do you qualify for lower rates with a Premium Assistance Subsidy?  Find out here.

Another Form of Obamacare Assistance: Cost-Sharing Reduction

Public healthcare exchanges offer a second type of Obamacare rate assistance, in the form of lower copayments and lower out-of- pocket costs. These are referred to as Cost Sharing Reductions.  For example, if your income falls between 100% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Line and you enroll in the Silver 70 plan, you will receive enhanced coverage ranging from 73% to 94% of actuarial value.  The regular Silver plan provides approximately 70% actuarial value.  The best example of how this benefits you would be the resulting reduction of copayments i.e. your Primary Care office copayment would decrease from $45 to $40, $15, or even $3 based on income.

Do you need help understanding your premium assistance rate subsidy?  Do you want to ask additional questions about the Cost-Sharing Reduction or CSR?

These are questions that are best addressed with your local Certified Insurance Agent. When you seek help through a Certified Insurance Agent, there is no additional cost.  A further benefit to you is access to professional guidance as you use your new plan or in the event you wish to change plans later.   Consider this an essential tool to choosing the right plan, and avoid waiting until the next open enrollment to make things right. 

Did you know certain Kaiser members may qualify for premium assistance, too?  Read the story here.