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SEP Qualifying Event Rule- How It Works

The Qualifying Event rule is complicated and confusing, moreover, the definition of qualifying event varies between private insurers and Covered California.

The SEP Qualifying Event Rule- How It Works in a 2 Minute Video

Questions About Special Qualifying Events?  Get Local Assistance

Time is of the essence during your qualifying event period (60 days). Yet some situations don’t qualify for special event consideration e.g. missing a COBRA premium payment.  Either way, time is of the essence, consult with a Certified Agent as soon as possible.  The ideal advisor is also an independent agent/broker:

Obamacare: Not Easy! ............ Cake Pop, Anyone?

Obamacare is Not Easy! ………………… Cake Pop?

An independent Certified Agent is knowledgable about private market health plans and Covered California plans.

An independent Certified Agent is also able to place you with temporary health insurance until the next regular Open Enrollment season begins.

“Special Enrollment” flyer from Covered California

Qualifying Event

List of Covered California Qualifying Life Events

Lost or will soon lose my health insurance

  • You lose Medi-Cal coverage.
  • You lose your employer-sponsored coverage.
  • Your COBRA coverage is exhausted. Note: Not paying your COBRA premium is not considered loss of coverage.
  • You are no longer eligible for student health coverage.
  • You turn 26 years old and are no longer eligible for a family plan.
  • You turn 19 years old and are no longer eligible for a child-only plan.

Read the entire list of Qualifying Life Events at Covered California or view Kaiser Permanente’s sample triggering loss of coverage form.  If you have lost your health coverage within the last 60 days, then read this article first.

Find Local Assistance for your Qualifying Event

You can find independent local assistance in San Jose, Santa Clara and the San Francisco bay area or via telephone, throughout Northern and Southern California.

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